Friday, November 1, 2013

Final Zombtober Entry (and more than a little late)

Up today is my fourth and final post in the Zomtober Challenge.  The goal was to  post on Sunday, but I obviously didn't make it.  I tried last night to come in at least on Halloween, but taking the kids trick or treating got in the way.  Long story short the post slipped to November (cue the sad trombone music).

Looking back, painting and basing six survivors in an already busy week was probably overly ambitious, but I did finally get them done and photographed.  Here are the six survivors that come in the Zombicide: Prison Outbreak stand alone board game.  Thankfully they are also backwards compatible with the original Zombicide as well as the Toxic City Mall expansion.

Grindlock, The Headbanger

A nice figure, but Grindlock was also a chance to try something new.  The concept art showed his arms full of tattoos.  I hadn't done anything like that before.  I'm not very good at free hand painting things like this, so I looked at some of the tattoo decals available but didn't really like any of them.   I finally decided to ink the tattoos (pun intended).  I used a black 0.05" Sakura brand felt tip ink pen and drew the tattoos on the arms.  It was difficult the first time and I ended up painting back over them and trying it twice.  I ended up doing it on a day that I didn't have any caffeine which seemed to help.  The end result is passable if a little blobby.

Joshua The Protector

Not to be confused with Josh The Thug from the core box, Joshua is a little more heavy set and a little taller.  The figure is well executed and I think it came out well.  I really need to find a Red Sox decal for his shirt to match the concept art but so far I've struck out finding one small enough and I'm not good enough to free hand the logo.  Overall I think he's my favorite figure of the bunch.

Kim, Pokerface

Not much to say here.  Decent sculpt with a standard paint job.

Parkour Belle

Belle's a bit of a nod to the French designers a presume (David Belle Wiki).  She was the last figure of the bunch I painted late one night so the stripes of the uniform are a bit off and I probably should have spent more time on her face but oh well.

Shannon The Soldier

Shannon was a bit of a disappointment for me.  The figure is generally well sculpted with the exception of the face.  It is a bit soft on the detail, which really isn't helped by my painting style.  I know that sculpting softer details helps set the female figures apart from the from the male figures but I think Shannon's sculptor went a little too far in that direction.  She also suffered a bit in my general rush to get things done.  I don't have the time now, but I may go back in the future and try to paint and blend some better facial details.

Watts The Family Man

Another nice figure with good character sculpted on.  

Overall a nice set of figures and a great addition to my survivor collection.


  1. All look excellent.

    What about printable transfer paper for the Redsox logo?

    1. Thanks! If I could find a transfer that small I'd use it but so far no luck. I could print my own, but only in black, which wouldn't show up well on the red shirt.

    2. How about just printing an outline and painting white underneath where the transfer will go. The white will show through and the you use the red to tidy up the edges.

      Anyway, there's nothing wrong with him as he is.

  2. Looks good to me. I particularly like the rubble-strewn bases; they give the models a distinct "end of civilisation" feeling!

    1. Thanks! I'm a big fan of using custom bases to help give figures an easy piece of flare. It gets a little pricey doing them all in resin but I think it's worth it. I use a mixture of Fenris, Dragon Forge and Secret Weapon Miniatures.

  3. Great stuff there! Who cares if it was a bit late? Finishing stuff is what the spirit of Zomtober is about. :)

  4. Fantastic stuff mate.! ^^^Pulp Citizens^^^ comment above is exactly what Zomtober is about ;D