Sunday, October 20, 2013

Zombtober Week Three - Survivor and Zombie Conversions

It's another October and time for my third installment of the Zombtober Challenge.  This week is a little bit of a cheat for me.  I've painted up some zombie and survivor models I converted back in September.  You can see the original posts here with descriptions of the conversions and some work in progress shots.  I now have them painted and based and here are the finished figures:

First up is a figure using a Studio Miniatures zombie body with head and arms from Wargames Factory.  The figure turned out pretty well.  I was a little worried that the head and arms were too big for the body, but the pose and paint did a good job minimizing the differences.

Again here's another Studio Miniatures body worked up as an old coot.  This time though I went with a set of WGF arms from the female set, which are slightly smaller.  The head is from a much older WGF set.  It might have been some celts but I can't remember.

This figure turned out much better than I thought it would with just primer.  It's a WGF zombie vixen body and head and arms from the WGF female survivors.  I really like the final figure.  I rushed the job though, which  didn't see until I took the picture, but I forgot to add a spare high heel to the base and forgot to go over the rifle hand grips with black.  Dang it.  One thing that rally struck me working on the figure is how much sharper the 3D sculpting is on the survivors over the vixens.  With only a year between them it's impressive to see how much Wargames Factory keeps improving their game.

Last up for the survivors is another Vixen body and left arm with a right arm and head from the female survivor set.  The set of the shoulders is a little awkward and the zombie arm is a little thinner than the normal arm, but overall the figure still hangs together.

Up first for the zombies is a WGF male survivor body with head and arms from Studio Miniatures zombies.  it took quite a bit of green stuff to get the arms right, but the end result is still ok.  I was a little worried about the size of the head but I think it works.

For these last three zombies, they all have WGF male survivor bodies, Studio Miniatures zombie arms and heads from Mantic zombies and ghouls.  Generally they work, but the heads came out a little bigger than I wanted.  In hindsight all four zombies could have benefited from using putty and a hobby knife to add rents in clothing and wounds.

All in all the figures all tourned out well enough for the tabletop and I learned quite a bit to help make some better conversions in the future.  Best of all, I was able to use quite a few parts I didn't need to create some new and unique figures.

Next up is the big finally of the month with all six of the survivors from the Zombicide:  Prison Outbreak box.


  1. Nicely done. I wish I was even remotely as productive and prolific. Well done. :)

  2. Really good. It's good to see examples of conversions as a guide for me doing similar later. It's good to know about the female arms matching the Studio zombies better than the male. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Very good job on all these. Nice and useful to see some of the kits being mixed especially the Studio zed set.

  4. These are fabulous, love the myriad of poses you've created from the various plastic sets.

  5. A really good mix of parts! Truly, we live in a golden age where so many compatible kits are available :-) .

  6. Great conversions, realy good job on these