Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wargames Factory Survivor Scale Comparrisons

Following on my previous posts reviewing the new male apocalyptic survivors from Wargames factory,  I decided to take a few pictures and compare their scale to some other figures in my collection.

Especially in post apocalyptic game settings where no one manufacturer dominates the market, gamers are often almost as concerned with a figures scale as much as they are the figures quality.  Although I'm not incredibly picky about scale, there are just some figures that are too tall or too small to play well together.  I've tried to comb through my collection of painted and based figures to see how the new plastic survivors stack up.

One thing to keep in mind is that my base sizes are wildly inconsistent.  While they are generally all thirty millimeter in diameter some of them are short and some can be as much as six or seven millimeters tall.  For the most part I try to keep shorter figures on the taller bases and vice versa so that I keep figures looking as consistent as possible.

First up are a selection of figures with melee weapons.  As you can see the WGF figure fits in pretty well with the Wizkids and Zombicide figures on the left.  However even if you discount the taller base and the different poses, the figure is quite a bit taller than the Hasslefree figure on the right.  I found this is consistently true with a number of Hasslefree figures.

Next I pulled together some figures with police figures.  This picture is nice because it shows some of the biggest and smallest figure scales I have.  far left is a figure from Lionel in their O-Gauge range.  On the far right is a police man from the Wargames Foundry Street Violence range.  Even with a short disc style base the O-Gauge figure was just too tall to be used for anything else than a filler figure if I get desperate.  I think the WGF cop nicely splits the difference between the bigger and shorter figures.

Here are a selection of shotgun armed figures.  The heroclix figure on the far left is probably the tallest Heroclix figure I have and although he seems too big, he can still blend with the rest of the figures at tabletop distance.  As with the others, the Hasslefree figure is just a little too small in my opinion to mix with the rest.

Here are some figures with pistols.  This one really demonstrates how WGF have toned down the proportions of the weapons to something more realistic.  The weapons on the other figures dwarf them by comparison.

Last up are some figures in suits.

If I have some spare time I'll try to do some more comparison shots with different zombie figures later.


  1. Nice article. With the shotgun figures, the Hasslefree one looks to be female, so with that in mind, I reckon it fits right in. There are a lot of 5'0" women around, after all...

  2. Thanks. Hasslefree figures, even the men, are pretty consistantly about a head shorter than the WGF figures, so I guess it comes down to your tollerance of scale differences. Also, the differences dissapear quite a bit at tabletop disstances with plenty of scenery.

    I do like that the WGF figures bridge the gap almost mid way between my biggest figures (Wizkids) and the smallest (Hasslefree).

  3. Nice paint jobs, and really nice to see the comparison pics.